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Sharing in the mission of the Church in Queensland through its partnership with    
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Looking for Inspiration as to how to
spend your Sabbatical?

Some of our Principals share their Sabbatical experiences

Catherine McAuley's room

  • Ireland - Whole School Evaluations in Primary Schools in Ireland

  • Ireland - Walking & Praying with Catherine McAuley
  • As a participant, the programme provided me with specialness particularly in the spirit of Catherine McAuley in the places and spaces where she lived and worked around Dublin. Living and being part of "Catherine‚Äôs House" for the first time spoke to me of the symbolic significance of this sacred place in the lives of many Mercy sisters who carry out her work around the world. .........The whole educational experience has given me a new pathway in which to bring the Charism of the Mercy order with my community and colleagues, particularly those who are principals of schools whose heritage is embedded in the Mercy tradition.  more....